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Classic Soccer

What is Classic Soccer?

Classic is another name for competitive or select soccer. In Oregon, Classic soccer is divided into several levels:

  • Premier: The highest level of competitive soccer.

  • Classic: The next level, usually divided into First (I), Second (II), and Third (III) divisions.

LCYSA usually plays Classic I or II.

How do we determine what level the team plays?

In order to play at any classic level above III a team must participate in a "Classic Qualifying Tournament" (CQT) or a "Premier Qualifying Tournament" (PQT). These are held two weekends in August. All teams may enter the "CQT", but only teams that meet certain criteria will be allowed to enter the "PQT".

In the case of a U12 team the first weekend of the CQT will be used to determine which teams are invited to participate in the PQT the following weekend. In the case of older teams, and invitation is extended based on the previous year's record, returning players and playing level.

What is the time commitment for a Classic player?

A Classic team will train at least twice a week during the summer and bump up to 3 times as the CQT approaches. Once the season begins practices are twice weekly (after school) with two games scheduled on the weekend. For a tournament, there can be three to five games in one weekend. A Classic team will usually participate in 2 tournaments, not including the CQT, during the summer.

When do Classic teams play?

In Oregon, U12 through U14 teams mostly play in the fall but start practicing in the early summer soon after the May tryouts. The teams train, and play in tournaments (usually in the Portland metro area) throughout the summer preparing for the CQT (2nd weekend of August). The regular season begins the weekend after Labor Day and runs through the 3rd weekend of October. The season consists of 11 games (5 or 6 home games) compressed into about 7 weeks; games are played both Saturday and Sunday. The season ends with the Presidents Cup tournament the last weekend of October.  If there is player interest, we also form teams for the WINTER or SPRING Classic seasons. 

[The above information pertains to Fall Season -- When we have enough players we have teams in the Winter and Spring Season]

What makes Classic Soccer different from Rec?  

The Classic program is for skilled and motivated players who desire an increased level of competition from that offered in the Recreation program.  Players have to try out to make a Classic team (it's a 'select' team).  Standings are kept and published.  Travel is involved to away games and tournaments.                                                     

Roughly half of the games are played at HOME in Warrenton, the rest are AWAY. All training is at the Warrenton Soccer Complex.  And... we wear cool uniforms, the blue and gold of LCYSA!

What kind of expenses can we expect in a Classic program?

LCYSA's Classic program is one of the most reasonable in the state. Nevertheless, it's more expensive then our recreational program by a substantial amount. Here is what you might expect to pay during a typical Classic season:

  • Team fee is $250.00. This covers insurance, CQT and league play. 

  • A Classic team will typically do several tournaments. Team sponsors pay entry fees, but travel expenses (hotel and transportation) are not covered.

  • During the season there is a potential to travel anywhere within Oregon. Travel expenses do add up, but they can be lessened by carpooling.