A Message from LCYSA…

In accordance with the Oregon Health Authority, Oregon Youth Soccer Association, and Clatsop County Health Department guidelines, Lower Columbia Youth Soccer (LCYSA) is planning to have a fall soccer season.  Our season will definitely be different from years past but we think it is good for kids to get outside, kick a soccer ball, see friends, and have fun. 

LCYSA opened registration on July 1, 2020, for three weeks ending July 21st.    

We hope to begin practices at the end of August and games will start on September 12th. 

For LCYSA our #1 priority is the safety of our players, coaches, and fans.  We are going to have some very strict rules about social distancing, sanitization, masks, and spectators.  We plan on releasing a draft return to play document within the week. 


We understand that people have their own personal beliefs and concerns so we want to be very clear upfront…


  • If you have any health concerns for you or your child, please DO NOT SIGN UP

  • If you do not want to follow LCYSA rules regarding safety, please DO NOT SIGN UP

  • If you and your child do not want to wear a mask when required, please DO NOT SIGN UP

    BUT, if you want to give your child the opportunity to run around on the soccer field, improve their skills and have fun, please SIGN UP. 

This is a community effort and we want you to be a part of it. If the season is canceled, before it begins, we will refund your money.  But, with optimism and cooperation, we can make soccer happen for our kids.


*Middle Schoolers Read on*


We regretfully wish to inform you that unfortunately, we are not going to participate in a classic program this year. This was a hard decision for the board this year as we saw a lot of growth in the program last year as we carried four teams (U15 Girls, U13 Girls, U14 Boys, U13 Boys) into the Timbers and Thorns league last fall. We decided to not carry Classic teams this season for the following reasons: There are still a lot of unknowns surrounding the current COVID-19 Epidemic. The first problem that arose when OYSA delayed registration and from our inability to hold Classic tryouts in May. This placed us in a bind for forming the teams that are usually established by now and would be practicing after the Fourth of July weekend. Additionally, what drives some of the cost, but also provides a lot of growth for the classic teams are tournaments. A majority, if not all, of the tournaments, have already canceled and will not be happening this year. The core of the season consists of 10 games, half played on our home turf, and the other half in Portland. Portland, as a major city, is currently a hot spot for COVID-19 and we decided that it would be safer for LCYSA families to avoid this potential risk. As an alternative we have decided to place our middle school children, currently aiming for 7th and 8th graders is in the Hillsboro Rec league. In the last two seasons, we have placed 3 and 4 teams in this league that saw competition close to par with the Timbers and Thorn's bottom tier in which our classic teams have been playing in the last few years. In the Hillsboro Rec league, our players (children) will be traveling to places like Tillamook, St. Helens, Hillsboro, and have more than half of the games played at home. The season consists of 8 games and we would be able to play some additional games with our local teams. By traveling to these places versus Portland we hope to reduce the health risk to our families. Depending on the number of teams we are able to form and how many players are on each team, we may be able to bring up some 6th graders that would be playing at the classic level. If you have a 6th grader and are interested in doing so, please address that on your registration. Teams will likely be formed based on the school they feed into, however, we may need to shift some players around to maximize the playing time for each child. Additionally, by playing in the Hillsboro Rec League this year we will be able to keep costs down for individual players as we understand many families have been financially affected by this epidemic and allowing us to stay united as an LCYSA family regardless who has been financially affected.

Draft Return-To-Play Plan

LCYSA Is working carefully with the Oregon Youth Soccer Association to ensure a fun and safe experience for all of our athletes. Below, you will find the OYSA Return-To-Play guidelines and a draft of LCYSA's plan to meet the guidelines.  This is a living document and subject to change as more guidance becomes available.  Our plan will depend on parent volunteers to carry it out. Please contact us if you are interested.

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