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Field Set-up & Take-down

LCYSA would like to thank you for your volunteer services as youth soccer coaches.  

The teams who have the first and last games of the day are responsible for setting up and taking down the fields to assist in fulfilling some of the obligatory volunteering that makes this association run.  This is a relatively minor endeavor when done by a team but not so when done by an individual.  We anticipate that teams can both set up and take down a field in 10 to 15 minutes though probably less.

The following is a description of the set up and take down of each of the age groups by field used.  There will be a diagram of the fields posted at the concession stand.  You may also click on the age groups below to see the field diagrams.


U6 (kindergarten) - Fields 1 & 2:  These teams will play on the two small fields that are in front of the concession stand.  They use the foldable PUGG goals that are found in the shed just left of the garage door.  Each bag should contain two goals folded up.  Each goal should be place equal distance on the goal lines and secured with the stakes attached to the goal. Flags can be placed on all four corners of each field if teams want.  Flags are found to the right of the garage door in the shed.

U7 (first graders) - Fields 3 & 4:  These teams play on the fields east of the kindergarten fields (towards the woods).  They will use the small 4 foot metal goals which should be placed in the middle of each arch on the goal lines.  Flags should be used at this level and can be found to the right of the garage door of the shed.

U9 (second and third graders) - Fields 5 & 6:  These teams will use the two largest fields that are located on the north side of the field towards the parking lot that is between the lower field and the concessions field.  This level will use the medium metal goals that DO NOT have wheels on them.  The larger wheeled goals should be moved off of the field of play towards the fence closest to the road.  The goals should be spaced equal distance between the goalie arcs on each goal line.  Flags should be placed on all four corners.  Flags can be found in the shed to the right of the garage door.

U11 (fourth and fifth graders) - Fields 7 & 8:  These teams will use the lower field that has the lights.  This larger field will be split into two fields using both goal lines as side lines and the yellow lines near the center mark as the other side line.  The yellow lines tend to fade with use so please make sure to identify them prior to setting up the goals.  Each field should use one wheeled goal and one non-wheeled goal set equal distance from the side lines.  There will be a small painted mark that will indicate where the center of the goal should be.  Flags should be placed on all four corners of each field.  Flags can be found in the shed at the concessions to the right of the garage door.

U14 (sixth, seventh and eighth graders) - West Field:  These teams will use the far west field.  This larger field will be shortened by both length and width.  The side lines will be a yellow line on the roadside of the field and the white line on the woods side.  The goals should be placed on a yellow line equal distance from the side lines (top of the big field goalie boxes).  Flags will be used to mark the center line and all four corners.  The flags can be found in the shed on this field to the left of the garage door.


For all fields:  Remove all flags and place back into the respective spots in the sheds.  U6 foldable goals will need to be folded up and put back into the concessions shed.  All garbage should be removed from the fields and placed into cans conveniently located along the fields.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Tim Fastabend

President, LCYSA 503-325-7185