The Warrenton Soccer Complex (map) has been, and still is, a labor of love.  Numerous individuals and businesses have come together to donate time and money to make some of the best soccer fields in the state, right in our 'backyard.' 

The facility is for the community, by the community.

We currently have 4 fields -- one is lighted. The lighted field (2nd from top right of picture) gives the Astoria  and Seaside High School Soccer teams the ability to schedule games late enough for families and friends to come watch.  Before the lights, games would be at 3:30 in order to finish before darkness.  Again, the lights were a project made possible by volunteers.

The third field (west field) was completed in 2002.  It enabled the Recreational and Classic teams to play Saturday games on a more 'friendly' schedule. To minimize foot traffic across Ridge Road, Recreational games will continue to be on the two east fields, while Classic will play on the new west field.

We are in the process of installing lights on the west field.  
Your VOLUNTEER HELP & DONATIONS are greatly needed and appreciated!

See the Sponsors page for a list of the individuals and businesses that have helped make the dream of this soccer complex come true.

Scheduling and use of complex: 
contact: LCYSA President - Kevin Cronin

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