Message from the Head Coach ~ 2016

Area Coordinators, Coaches and Administrators,

Thanks in advance for all your work and devotion. I get to see many of LCYSA's young soccer players at Camp Kick-A-Lot, and clearly the talent continues to improve. Credit goes to you and all your efforts to make our recreational players fundamentally sound. 

After you receive your rosters, please contact your players immediately. Many kids comment on how disappointed they are when a team is slow to organize. It takes little time to call and set your first practice. Do not wait; the recreational season starts Saturday, September 10.

I continue to push for smaller sided games at all ages; smaller teams on smaller fields. Why? Our role as coaches is to develop soccer skills. Our first priority is to teach fundamentals; learning to dribble, pass, and think the game. You will not find any emphasis placed on winning in the LCYSA youth programs. To develop players, they must touch the ball often and be forced to make decisions. The more decisions made, the better the decisions become as you teach and coach them. We may appreciate the player who can blast the ball the hardest, but please remember to teach and reward 'touch' and the ability to dribble or pass out of trouble. LCYSA is not far behind the wishes of USYSA for small sided play. The proposed changes below will get us current. It does mean we need more coaches, more goals, and more fields; but so be it, if it helps the kids, let's do it.

See you on the field.

Fergus Loughran, Head Coach